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The Team

They say it takes a village to raise a chilD…

We believe this wholeheartedly which is why we are passionate about working with families and helping them build up their village. We want you to know that we've spent time building a village of support for ourselves too! When you work with me you get the extra benefit of a shared care model, meaning that you get the expert support and insight from myself and a doula from my team.

With every package, you will have a Back-up Doula (we even have a secondary back-up doula for the busy months!) so that you are always covered for full support. You can schedule a time to meet your back up Doula closer to your estimated due date.

Meet your team!

Back up Doulas

Kate Sissons

pregnancy | birth |  postpartum | child friendly | initial consult necessary

 yoga | doula | childbirth education | breastfeeding education | infant sleep education

Kira Liss

pregnancy | birth |  postpartum | child friendly | initial consult necessary

 yoga | doula | childbirth education

Hilary Boucher

pregnancy | birth |  postpartum | child friendly | initial consult necessary

 bodywork |doula | experience with multiples

You can find more members of our "Village" including the secondary back-up Doulas, overnight Doulas, Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, and many other helpful services and professional practitioners on our Resources Page which is continuously being updated. Email us if you're looking for a specific service!

I take on a limited number of births and postpartum families each month so as to be able to fully support each family. It’s never too early (or too late!) to Get in Touch and find out what Doula Support could look like for you!

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I am always happy to chat about anything related to your pregnancy to parenthood journey.