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Childbirth Education

Prenatal Support & Childbirth Education


This fun and unique approach to Prenatal Education for childbirth and parenting is meant to encourage you to trust your instincts, ask lots of questions and start thinking creatively about your preferences and family’s needs. Together, in your home, we'll explore the pregnancy to parenthood journey from various perspectives.

Educational - lots of factual information, from trusted sources.

Emotional - no judgment, just choices! We’ll normalize the information and ease fears.

Physical - Hands on, comfort measures, exercises, releases and postures.

Topics can include:

  • The birth process: the physiology and anatomy, stages and phases of birth, and discussing your birth preferences.

  • Education about natural and medical comfort measures.

  • What to expect in the first weeks postpartum from your body and your newborn - setting up realistic expectations.

  • Building your village and a postpartum plan.

  • Addressing hopes and fears around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

    You have the added benefit of a shared care model, meaning that you get the expert support and insight from myself and a doula from my team* depending on availability.

Doula support looks different for every family.  Your package can be customized to give you personalized prenatal education and meet the needs of your unique pregnancy and family.  Contact me to learn more!

Doula support looks different for every family.
Your package can be customized to give you personalized prenatal education and meet the needs of your unique pregnancy and family. Contact me to learn more!





Birth OR Baby Prep


All the basic information you need to know about birth or preparing to meet your baby.

  • In home lesson

  • 3 hours of lessons covering either Birth and or Baby prep.

  • Perfect as refresher course, for second or third time parents.


Birth & Baby Prep 


Feel confident & knowledgable about your choices and preferences with this full birth and parenting package.

  • In home lessons

  • 6 hours of lessons covering the birth process and preparation, newborn and parent care, physical recovery and navigating your relationships.

  • All sessions can be catered to suit your unique interests and needs



for Birth & Recovery


Specialty classes dedicated to your unique and specific prenatal, birth and postnatal recovery movement needs.

  • In home lessons

  • 3 - 6 hours of lessons (one or two classes)

  • Childbirth Education with a specific focus on movement strategies for pregnancy, preparing for labour, birthing and recovery.

  • Key exercise guidelines and how they relate to your unique physical experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


All 3 packages include:

  • The option to tailor classes to personal needs including specialty topics. VBAC or HBAC (Vaginal or Home Birth After Cesarean), Twins, Grandparent Classes, Sleep Education, Surgical Birth Preparation, Breast/ Chest & Feeding Education, and more

  • Classes can be added to a birth or postpartum doula support package.

  • Fun, active learning - there will be laughter!

  • Lots of resources, including hospital/ birth centre bag packing lists, birth preferences workbooks, video references for movement and postures and much more!

  • Additional hours can be added at $45/hour

*HST will be added during payment


I take on a limited number of births and postpartum families each month so as to be able to fully support each family. It’s never too early (or too late!) to Get in Touch and find out what Doula Support could look like for you!

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No questions are too big or too small!
I am always happy to chat about anything related to your pregnancy to parenthood journey.

I am so grateful to have had Ruth work with us through our birth and after. I can’t recommend her more highly. 
We ended up having a planned c-section due to our baby’s breach positioning. Ruth provided us with all the information we needed, the alternate options that might be available to us, and fully supported us in our decision to plan the c-section… Throughout our journey Ruth was right there with information, emotional support, and ready to jump in if needed. She was so wonderfully sensitive to our needs, positive, providing what we needed to navigate all the choices in front of us. 
I have no doubt that working with Ruth made our journey much more enjoyable and manageable than it would have been without her.

— Kate, new mother