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Words of Kindness

Gratitude and Kindness shared from families and clients I have been privileged to work with.

Words of Kindness...

I am so grateful to have had Ruth work with us through our birth and after. I can’t recommend her more highly.  
We ended up having a planned c-section due to our baby’s breach positioning. Ruth provided us with all the information we needed, the alternate options that might be available to us, and fully supported us in our decision to plan the c-section. The day of the birth her presence was indispensable, and I don’t think we would have succeeded in sticking it out through breastfeeding difficulties in our first few weeks post-partum without her calm and reassuring presence.   
Throughout our journey Ruth was right there with information, emotional support, and ready to jump in if needed. She was so wonderfully sensitive to our needs, positive, providing what we needed to navigate all the choices in front of us.  
I have no doubt that working with Ruth made our journey much more enjoyable and manageable than it would have been without her.
— Kate & Josh


Ruth is such a natural!  I am so grateful to have had her incredibly intuitive, evidence-based, kind and empowering support throughout my pregnancy, c-section, and with bringing my beautiful daughter home.        - Melissa B

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ruth!

I had anxiety about the delivery and post-partum period, and she was so helpful and reassuring through each. She helped coach me through the delivery - providing encouraging words, a calming presence, and strategies to get through intense contractions and pushing - and advocated for us with hospital staff to ensure our wishes for the birth were met. I can honestly say my delivery would not have gone nearly as quickly, smoothly or peacefully without her.

She was also invaluable post-partum to answer any new mom questions, settle our worries, and provide breastfeeding advice and other supports to help get us though its challenges. Her combination of practical advice and emotional support was truly a lifesaver.
— Leah & Kyle
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We found it our prenatal sessions so wonderfully helpful: to be able to talk things out and explore options, and we loved the play-doh exercise. We felt empowered!
The text check-in’s and reminders to be patient during early labour helped me honour my body & process rather than anxiously waiting. I loved the idea that early labour was a time to “feed your soul!”
Ruth went above and beyond the night I went into labour with the personal check-in. She was always one step ahead, keeping us hydrated, relaxed, warm, comforted, empowered and reminding me that ir was MY birth, when it came down to making decisions.
I found Ruth’s bedside manner, method of communication and support, PERFECT! I guess it helps that we know each other already!
Having Ruth was way more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.

— Robin & Craig


My Prenatal Pilates sessions with Ruth are the only thing I'll skip my naps for twice a week!

- Melani O.

I have been through thick and thin with Ruth Ruttan through many of life’s promenades and alleys. As a woman, as a friend, and as a registered midwife I couldn’t recommend Ruth more. You are blessed if she has walked beside you in life - in any capacity.
— Lara B., Midwife

Ruth was instrumental during labour & at the hospital. Having her there was reassuring for both me & my partner.
— Lindsay & Andrew

I felt very prepared for delivery. It was quick, in part because I felt I had the tools to do it!
I felt confident because of the prep we did with Ruth.
— K & E

The prenatal visits, especially the techniques for my partner to use to support me during labour and advocating for ourselves at the hospital, were exceptionally helpful. Ruth’s presence, guidance and support on the day helped us navigate the unknown associated with pregnancy, labour and delivery. Ruth provided us with the confidence to listen to our intuition. We also LOVED the many photos she took of the birth, our baby and our family! 
— Vita & Larry