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Shared Care

Shared Care Support

Shared care provides extra support for everyone, leaving us all feeling confident! This model of care allows you to build a special relationship with two doulas for the price of one and learn from both our specialized skill sets. It also means that in the rare case that we have two births at the same time or very close together, you get a doula who is rested and ready to support your birth fully.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your family’s unique needs and learn more about the options of shared care. We can set up a free consult to get to know each other and find out how we can best support you.

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Extra Expertise

My team members and I have expertise in a variety of complimentary prenatal, birth and postnatal areas, each with our own strengths. You’ll get access to all our specialized skills!

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Extra Coverage

As we’re both there, every step of the way, you will be familiar and comfortable with whichever doula attends your birth. You can feel extra confident that you’re in great hands.

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Extra Hands

We’re both there during at least one prenatal session and one of your postnatal visits. That means more hands on support, for you, your family and baby!

What does shared care look like?

Birth and Postpartum support from myself and one other doula from my team

  • Both doulas at our first meet and greet (if possible)

  • Both doulas at one of your prenatal visits.

  • One week on and one week off, on call care. We will provide you with the dates.

  • Group text messaging, so everyone stays in the loop.

  • One doula at your birth.

  • Option to have both doulas at your birth, for an additional fee.

  • Both doulas at your postnatal follow up visit, (one doula at additional postpartum visits)

  • All the benefits of standard care, including information packs, usage of the TENS machine and rebozo, and more.

My husband and I were very happy with the post-natal support Kate and Ruth provided following the birth of our twins. They were very informed and provided very helpful considerations during the first few weeks of the babies' lives. We would definitely recommend Kate and Ruth.

— Stephanie, Dave & babies Sam & Jack