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Socialize Smart, Not Hard!


Socialize Smart, Not Hard. 

Like it or not, in the Age of Information, an online presence is one of the most effective tools for generating attention for your brand and services. But what kind of attention are you generating?

Much of the posting on social media is just for attention. We are quickly seduced by the number of likes or comments or shares and retweets, and post content is about being visual eye candy. The visual is rarely backed up with, explanations, guidelines or cautions. In fact, the disturbing theme seems to be "look at me!" Are we trying to be inspirational by posting pictures and videos of ourselves doing walkovers on the Trap Table, or is this self-indulgent? Are your clients going to try to copy you even though it may be inappropriate for their bodies and hurt themselves? 

I just simply could not resist! Epic Fails when trying SO hard to be “Hard Core”! (Fail Army With Dazza)

As movement professionals who teach clients how to move safely and thoughtfully, I have to
ask if getting attention for the sake of a dopamine rush and an ego boost is helpful, productive
or responsible. 

But enough preaching! 

Is there a way to be inspiring AND responsible to our principles? I think we can keep
it real and still reach our audience; just like Pilates, we can post Smart, not Hard. 


Provide Context

If you are posting challenging and possibly dangerous exercise material, make sure you have a reason! Most people click "like" without reading much more than the header or first few lines of content. Get your message across clearly and put it up front!

Feature your Clients

Showcase your clients' triumphs and highlight their accomplishments or what they've overcome while under your instruction; tag them too! This client-focused approach also helps build your "fan base" and get authentic engagement.

Share "Fit Tips" or "How To's."

Mini-tutorials are particularly popular these days. Post helpful information that will improve the quality of people's lives and if you're going to feature yourself, let your amazing personality shine through.

Leg modifications for 100's - Smart!

Leg modifications for 100's - Smart!

Get a Laugh 

Try not to take yourself too seriously all the time. People love to laugh. It's a win if you can use humour to draw in your audience AND get your message across. An awful pun or poking fun at yourself makes you seem more approachable to your followers.

Build Community 

You can engage an audience and make them feel like they're all in this together! Use images and infographics to post powerful statements or ask questions that resonate with your target market. When they feel like your speaking to them, it makes them want to share their stories
with you and your other followers.

Use Flattery

Engage with your audience and make them feel special. Share other people's posts (with credit, or permission of course!) on your social media. People love being featured and will likely reciprocate in the future. Again, you'll expand your fan base and get more engagement.

One last thought for you as you take a look at your social media strategy. The people
with significant numbers are usually "Real-life famous." So go be "Real-life famous" in
your community and remember that a pebble in a pond makes ripples that continue
to get bigger. Be present to those closest to you and let your impact on them impact
the rest of the world. 


Ruth Ruttan is the Education Coordinator for Retrofit Pilates in Toronto, Canada, a Master Instructor specializing in Pre & Postnatal Pilates and a Birth & Postpartum Doula. Each week Ruth shares tips, tools and reminders for Pilates instructors and students with the intention of keeping us inspired, asking questions and always seeking to improve our teaching and our Pilates practice. 

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