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Know Your Impact!



"When you create a difference in someone's life you not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their entire life."

It's like a pebble in a pond. It makes one small ring as it hits the water, seemingly small and insignificant, but that tiny ring creates a ripple effect of increasing size.
When we work with our clients we have the opportunity to create change, no matter how small, and allow that change to ripple into the world. It may be as simple as a client feeling great after a session and their good mood means they smile at strangers throughout their day, putting a little of that good feeling into other people's day too.

If last month's message was to know your Worth, this month is to know your Impact!
Be present to your clients. Listen to and respect their lived experience. 
Be creative at meeting their unique needs and do not underestimate the power you hold within you to create a positive change in the whole world!

Let's go make waves!


Ruth Ruttan is the Education Coordinator for Retrofit Pilates in Toronto, Canada, a Master Instructor specializing in Pre & Postnatal Pilates and a Birth & Postpartum Doula. Each week Ruth shares tips, tools and reminders for Pilates instructors and students with the intention of keeping us inspired, asking questions and always seeking to improve our teaching and our Pilates practice. 

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