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Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates

Graceful In Pregnancy. Powerful In Parenthood.

Your body goes through enormous changes during pregnancy. So does your life when you become a parent. Pilates will give you the strength, confidence and support you need to meet the demands of pregnancy, labour, birth and new parenthood with grace and ease. One on one sessions are catered to your specific body needs and classes are focused on building community as well as getting a great, appropriate workout!

Build your village and have some fun!

BUMP Pilates (Prenatal Reformer Machine)

Build the pelvic floor, postural and core strength necessary for a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. Learn how to manage and avoid common pre and postnatal concerns such as back pain and diastasis recti. Celebrate your strength, power and well-being and recognize and understand the changes your body is experiencing. Safe for all stages of pregnancy.

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Baby Barre (Postpartum Mat & Small Apparatus)

Restore your core with targeted therapeutic Pilates and get your sweat on with a heart-pumping, baby-bonding Barre workout! This Pilates and Barre series is designed specifically for your post-baby body and expertly addresses your post-natal health and fitness concerns. A baby friendly class - Incorporate baby into movement as much as you wish. Bring a carrier too!

Make it work for YOU!

Work one-on-one with me at Retrofit Pilates (West Toronto).

Contact Me to include Pilates or Movement for Birth & Recovery in your Doula Support Package.

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No questions are too big or too small!
I am always happy to chat about anything related to your pregnancy to parenthood journey.

I feel so lucky to have had Ruth steer me through this journey from the first trimester to now (with our 6 mo old!). I loved Ruth’s prenatal and postnatal Pilates classes, and have met some of my best mat leave friends through them… Thank you so much for your continued support on this crazy but magical journey.

— Leslie, prenatal & postpartum Pilates client and new mom