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What is a "Pilates Doula"?!


Ah, ya, what IS a Pilates Doula?!

I’m so glad I asked for you!! Well, no one really knows since I sorta made it up and made it my gig!

Here’s the deal on the Pilates side of things:

• I am a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor, Master Instructor for Balanced Body Inc. (Instructor Trainer Faculty) and the Education Director at Retrofit Pilates.

lauren bicep.png

• I’ve done extensive research and studies and trainings about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum recovery, including a ton of focus on Pelvic Floor health.

• I know which movement strategies and exercises will likely be most beneficial to this unique population of prenatal and postpartum bodies and I know what may be better to avoid or modify. 

• I know how to support the birthing process and recovery with a ton of great prenatal exercises and how to start a body moving again once the baby is born.

• I work with Pelvic Health Physios every day! We refer clients back and forth, and I help integrate what the bodies are learning in Physio, into movement so that one can live their best life... without peeing oneself!

• I’ve been teaching Pilates, specifically Pilates for pregnant and postpartum bodies for over 20 years now. (but I teach any & all bodies too!)

Here’s the deal on the Doula side of things:

• I’m a birth nerd! So I became a Doula through one of the most amazing and comprehensive doula trainings there is out there Bebo Mia (check them out!)

Timea leaning on bar.png

• My love of birth grew to include the whole family! Not only am I a certified Birth & Postpartum Doula but I did a bunch of other trainings to add to my doula skill set! These include Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Educator and Infant Sleep Educator.

• I help prepare families for their pregnancy, labour, birth and the immediate postpartum time by providing a ton of evidenced-based information and guiding them through it with zero judgment. The Pregnancy to Parenthood journey can feel overwhelming at times. Why not have a knowledgeable tour guide that can show you around, give you some history and context and help get you find your way even if it’s through the lesser travelled side streets. Taking a detour? No problem, I’ll give you all the information about that route so you can make an informed choice.

• I’m there for families emotionally. I listen, I respect, I empathize. We make a plan. I check in continually to see how families are coping with every aspect of their journey and I’ll even refer you to other appropriate services if needed.

• I’m there for families physically. I will rub your back, hold your hand, hold you up… whatever’s needed to help you through this journey. I also teach families how to help each other physically!

And this is where I “mash” it up and become the Pilates Doula!


I am the Doula who will educate you about your body - the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the birth process and recovery, and possibly introduce you to a new relationship and respect for your body. I will teach you how to listen and trust your body, protect your body, appropriately strengthen it and give it TLC! I share tons of tips on how to breathe better when a baby is up in your lungs, how to manage or alleviate various aches and pains, comfort measures for labour and movements to help progress your labour. But, I am especially known to educate on Pelvic Health... that includes all things pushing, healing and your first postpartum poop!

I'm the Pilates Instructor who will educate you about the birth process and recovery - practically, logistically and emotionally. I will guide you on how to use some of the same strength and mind-body awareness skills from Pilates for coping emotionally and physically throughout pregnancy, birth and recovery. I will teach you how to use your physical self-knowledge to trust your intuition and advocate for yourself. I’ll let you know how building body awareness and the exercises from class may impact your experience of pregnancy to recovery. I’ll teach you exercises, postures, movement and other tools that are great for pregnancy, as comfort measures during labour and may even help settle your newborn!

I see both my Pilates and Doula work as a completely organic relationship. When I am teaching one, I am always incorporating the other. From pregnancy through to parenthood, the journey can be tough on the bodies, hearts and minds of all parents! I’ll teach you how to prepare and stay strong and release and let go when needed.

Lot’s of Love,

your Pilates Doula!


Written by Ruth Ruttan, Doula & Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist at Retrofit Pilates

Ruth has enjoyed watching many bodies change, stay functional and become powerful humans. Education is at the centre of her approach, believing that knowledge is power and that informing our minds and bodies will help build an extraordinary life experience. Creative by nature and armed with an excellent knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology of pregnancy & birth, Ruth loves working with all sorts of bellies, babies and bodies!